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Preventative Maintenance

AC Preventative Maintenance

At B&B Air Conditioning & Heating we specialize in AC preventive maintenance.

It is important that you keep your system in good working order so it will function efficiently when those harsh summer months hit.

If it isn't broken, why check it?

Performing preventive maintenance on your system will ensure that your air conditioning system will need fewer repairs and will last longer. B&B's certified technicians will help to identify any problems before they become major and expensive problems. This process will help keep your home at its ideal temperature throughout the year. Similar to a vehicle, regular tune-ups are required to keep this system functioning properly.

Going this extra mile now will pay off in the long run.

Our qualified and knowledgeable technicians will provide you with excellent maintenance on your system and will answer any of your questions or concerns regarding the proper care of your unit. We recommend you perform a scheduled maintenance twice a year. This maintenance schedule is also what the manufacturers recommend.

What does B&B's AC Preventive Maintenance include?

  • Inspect capacitors
  • Check amp draw
  • Check for proper refrigerant levels on the high and low pressure sides.
  • Recharge refrigerant - (if needed)
  • Check condenser coil and clean - (if needed)
  • Check fan blades for damage and clean - (if needed)
  • Check belts, if any, for wear and proper tension. Replace - (if needed)
  • Check all electrical connections, wiring, contactors, capacitors, relays, etc. for proper operation, wear and cleanliness.
  • Check air filter for proper size and cleanliness. Replace - (if needed)
  • Check evaporator coil.
  • Check condensate pan and drain and clean - (if needed)
  • For heat pumps, check for proper operation of the reversing valve.
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