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- 7/31/2023 - Posted on Google
He came check the unit and and fixed the issue and I was very pleased.
- 7/24/2023 - Posted on Google
Fast service! This is the second time Alex has helped us out and provided a thorough and fantastic service. Highly recommended!
- 4/29/2023 - Posted on Google
I came home from work and realized that the fan was running on the ac, but it was 84 degrees in the house. I use B&B at my office so I called them. It was after 6 and within a few minutes their tech Mike called. I have hydrocephalus and not having air would be miserable for me. I told him my issue and he decided to help. His professionalism, concern and understanding was amazing. Not only did he fix the problem, he checked everything out to make sure it didn’t happen again. This is what happens when you have a company who cares about customers and have employees who care. You need HVAC systems or have issues or repairs, calling B&B will be your best call.
- 4/19/2023 - Posted on Google
- 10/24/2022
Dear Karen,
My wife and I just had your technician Scott come to service our air conditioner at the Stonewood Towers located here in Cocoa Beach. Scott was a true
pleasure to have. He is a obviously a professional and certainly an exceptional Tech. He is very conscientious about how he treats customers. He willingly answered any questions we had. He went beyond any expectations we had. He recognized that our air conditioning system needed cleaning desperately and went to his vehicle to get his hose to clean it. After unscrewing some screws and using a blower he got rid of lots of the concrete dust inside of the unit. Later, after blowing it as clean ad he could he hooked up his hose and hosed our unit down.....explaining that the weight of the concrete dust in the unit could be potentially damaging to the unit as the weight of the dust was jeopardizing the blower fan blades and needed cleaning. We cannot give him enough praise.

As I am certain you have experienced calls from customers through the years that are swift to complain and too infrequently customers are complementary when a good job is performed. Lastly, we feel fortunate that Scott was our tech today.

Gratefully, totally satisfied clients,
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Corvino
- 10/11/2022
Thank you very much Devin and Jeff for the fantastic work of putting my air conditioning units in! Very professional, Great job. THANK YOU!
- 5/24/2017 - Posted on Google
I just moved here and purchased a house with an HVAC that I had no clue of its history. I can tell you B&B were fast, amazing, and fixed everything at a fantastic price and also checked warranties. The staff are awesome and I would never go anywhere else for HVAC service. They replaced parts and didn't do what most HVAC companies do when you first move down...by demanding you buy a new entire unit. All I needed was a fan motor and another small part. They were honest, and if I can get everyone in this community to believe in them, I plan on passing it on. I've heard from my "new" neighbors, how they have spent a fortune on HVAC, service call prices being outrageous, but not B&B....I love their service guys, and the staff that answers the phone. You will not wait for long before they show up. Amazing company, amazing staff. Keep up the good work. I will never deal with anyone else.

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